Since 2007 our non-profit organization has been systematically providing social services to the families with disabled children, namely: healing massage, physical rehabilitation for contractions prevention, physical sports-based development, psychological therapy and consultancy for the disabled people and their family members, creative skills development, career guidance, theater therapy, social rehabilitation for the disabled people and their family members.

Majority of the disabled children and youth have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and/or other musculoskeletal disorders, a smaller share of the members have other diseases (mental deficiency, various visceral diseases).

Our Association was the first in the city to promote and use hippotherapy as an advanced rehab activity for children with various types of disabilities. We started with inviting a representative of the local horse club for the activities directly on the residence curtilage. In 2020 we already had a dedicated space for hippotherapy activities. Now we have a horse stable of our own and an outdoor horse arena. An invited expert with their assistants makes sure all our hippotherapy activities are arranged in the most professional way.

Our Association is a member of the National Assembly of the Disabled People in Ukraine and is also actively involved in social rehabilitation of the disabled youth through various social education projects, participation in the local sports and educational events, joint excursion tours and summer camps.

Social workers from the local Employment Center are visiting the Association with their pedagogical and psychological rehab activities. The target audiences for these types of activities are: young people with disabilities, parents that have a disabled child, young disabled families.

Members of the Association “Perspective” are also active participants of various other local projects and trainings, especially those dedicated to the issues of inclusivity. Young people with disabilities and their parents are doing their best to be active members of society and aware citizens.