Once coming of age, people with disabilities in Ukraine often lose the right to get systemic treatment and rehabilitation. Majority of specialized hospitals/clinics and social institutions in the country are oriented on the disabled children.

Cherkassy Center for social rehabilitation of disabled people “Perspective” is located on the first floor of the multi-family residential building where families with the disabled children live. Today the Center is servicing people with disabilities of various ICD codes. These people do not necessarily live in the same building, some of them come from other districts of the city. Majority of visitors are wheelchair users.

The Center “Perspective” provides an opportunity for the disabled youth to not only get qualified medical assistance but also have a social circle of their own. Visiting our Center, any young person with any type of disability will feel and be seen as a fully functional member of society.

All young people visiting the Center have a chance to develop their creative skills in our theater studio “Rampa”.

There are also various physical activities — physical therapy exercises, various types of massages, treadmill and other sports equipment.

Target audience:

  • Disabled children (up to 18 y.o.)
  • Disabled youth (with musculoskeletal disorders, vision disorders, mental deficiencies, other complex disorders)
  • Elderly people (60+ years)
  •  Young families in which at least one member is disabled.