Our Association unites the families of people with various types of disabilities. The history of our organization has started with the construction of one unique building: in the mid 1990s several families with disabled children united in a civic organization to construct a residence building for themselves. They were dreaming to have a special place really called home, inside which everything would be adjusted to the peculiarities disabled kids’ development and care. Here both children and their parents would feel most comfortable. There would be indoor spaces for daily stay of the disabled children, and also dedicated spaces for the disabled youth to develop their skills and master some professions.

Thanks to joint efforts of the parents the organization did not only order an architectural project of their own but also started building together. The project assumed there would be apartments and then also spaces for education, rehabilitation and special care for the children with severe disabilities.

It took almost ten full years to finish this construction project. Several rounds of changes have been made in the process, and with every new round rehab spaces have been sacrificed in order to have more apartments for the families. Since the construction process as such was rather slow, the floors 3rd to 10th were the first to be put in place, that is, the residence part of the building. Then, for several years, other parts of the building were under reconstruction. As of today, this is a 10-floor residence building with 87 apartments in it. The first floor, thanks to the persistence and consistent efforts of the non-profit organization members, has been left for the Center of physical and social rehabilitation “Perspective”. The Center provides services for all the people living in the building — disabled children, youth with disabilities, their parents — and then also other disabled citizens coming from other districts of the city.