Kusanone Programme by the Embassy of Japan in Ukraine

Project objective: purchasing specialized equipment for rehabilitation of disabled people (treadmill and a manual simulator).

Social services as joint efforts

Project objective: providing social services to disabled people and also daily life services.

Strengthening the digital potential of the civil society

Project objective: educating disabled youth and their parents about the basics of media literacy, development of their Internet skills, in particular, skills of how to check the trustworthiness of information...

City inclusive Olympics in recreational games

Project objective: organizing the Olympics for children and young people with disabilities.

Media education for parents

Project objective: strengthening media literacy among the parents of disabled children to optimize their socialization process through smarter use of media resources in their daily lives.

Opening of the Center for social, physical and labor rehabilitation of the disabled youth “Perspective”

Project objective: creating conditions for socialization and creative development of the disabled youth, engaging disabled young people in socially useful activities, direct participation in various city-level events and activities.

Let’s believe in our own future

Project objective: training courses for the parents of children with developmental delays